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KATO HO UNITRACKEverything you need for a quality HO layoutKato has a variety of pre-designed Layout Plan sets available. Each one comes with the necessary track pieces to complete the diagrammed layout (some parts will be left-over due to piece distribution), Which vary in size and complexity depending on your space and desires as a modeler. Please note that these plan sets contain UNITRACK only and do not contain scenery or locomotives. Plan sets which include a Kato Power Pack are marked appropriately.

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Unitrack Power Pack
Unitrack Power Pack
HO 2-3/8
HO 2-3/8" 60mm pkg(4) 2-105
HO 3-11/16
HO 3-11/16" 94mm pkg(2) 2-111
HO 4-1/2
HO 4-1/2" 114mm pkg(4) 2-120
HO 6-7/8
HO 6-7/8" 174mm pkg(4) 2-130
HO 9-3/4
HO 9-3/4" 246mm pkg(4) 2-150
HO Feeder Track: 9-3/4
HO Feeder Track: 9-3/4" 246mm 2-151
HO 8-15/16
HO 8-15/16" 227mm pkg(2) 2-160
HO Bumpers 4-1/4
HO Bumpers 4-1/4" 109mm pkg(2) 2-170
HO 14-1/2
HO 14-1/2" 369mm pkg(4) 2-180
HO 5 7/8 (149 mm) Pkg (2) 2-193
HO 5 7/8 (149 mm) Pkg (2) 2-193
HO 21-5/8
HO 21-5/8" R 550mm 2-210
HO 24
HO 24" R 610mm 2-220
HO 26-3/8
HO 26-3/8" 670mm 22.5 Degree 2-230
HO 28-3/4
HO 28-3/4" 730mm 22.5 Degree 2-240
HO 31-1/8
HO 31-1/8" 790mm 22.5 Degree 2-250
HO 16-7/8
HO 16-7/8" R 430mm 2-260
HO Basic Unitrack Track Set 3-102
HO Basic Unitrack Track Set 3-102
HO HV1 R730mm Outer Track Oval 3-111
HO HV1 R730mm Outer Track Oval 3-111
HO HV2 Passing siding track set with #6 manual turnout 3-112
HO HV2 Passing siding track set with #6 manual turnout 3-112
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Model Railroading has often been referred to as "The World's Greatest Hobby". This is a hobby that many have enjoyed for many years. The thrill of building a small replica of a famous train is fun, exhilarating and a great way to sit back, relax and engage is something that's very rewarding. The local hobby shop is sometimes hard to find. Here at Structures and Trains by Fred, not only do we serve our local community but modeler's worldwide. We stock a large selection of rolling stock and building kits of the best known names in the hobby. Thank you for visiting the website of Structures and Trains by Fred. We share your passion for the Hobby so we work to the best of our ability to make the process simple. Our prices are competitive, but our services cant be beat. Please feel free to browse our selections and contact us if you have any questions. We look forward to hearing from you. 

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